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Volunteers Recognition Dinner - 25Mar08
Plainfield Correctional Facility
Alcoholics Anonymous Leader
  Bruce Jones
First Apostolic Church
  Doug Horton
  Carol Horton
General Christian Church Services
  Rev. Thomas Selig
  Rev. Donna Olson
  David Brewer
  Debbie Calvert
  Doug Horton
PCF Community Bible Study
  Frank Rowe
  David Brewer
  Craig Combs
Hands of Hope Ministries
  Charles Yant
  Joyce Yant,
  Don Hawkins
Roman Catholic Mass
  Father Kevin Morris
  Patrick Mitchell
  Bob Klueg
  Nancy Klueg
Jesus Is The Answer
  Rev. Bill Mayfield
  Barbara Mayfield
  Willie Wood
  Betty Wood
  Willie Lee Floyd
  Debbie Calvert
  Sam Goldsberry
Living Our Faith Study
  Rev. Donna Olson
  Gwen Malloy
  Rev. Bill Wieland
  David Ferner
  Rev. John Brockman
  Steve Hancook
Jehovah Witness Bible Study
  Marr Albers
  Kurtus Olsen
  Russell Peterson
  Glenn Savage
  Mannie Gomez
Native American
  Malachi Young
  Troy Rumple
Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church
  Rev. Lester Yates
  Earther Gordon
Good News Bible Study
  Clark Lemaire
PLUS Unit Volunteers
  Carol Applegate
  Tom Blangiardo
  Timothy Coulter
  Al Johnson
  Shieri Jones
  Gary Meeks
  Rev. Thomas "Dusty" Selig
  James Sleeva
  Phil Splinkle
  Larry Adams
Kairos Prison Ministries
  Frank Rowe
  (accepting for the Kairos Team)
Roman Catholic Scripture Reading
  Edna Reinhard
  Karen Burkart
PCF Religious & Volunteer Services Dept.
  Chaplain Edward Goforth, Chaplain Thomas Bartley
  Dennis Ludwick, Community Service Director
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