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PREF Hiring Fair for the Residents - 17Apr08
Plainfield Re-Entry Educational Facility
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Superintendent of the Plainfield ReEntry Educational Facility, Michael Lloyd and his staff for hosting a very successful "Hiring Fair".  We hope there are more to come.  It is a great idea.
We would also like to thank Bill Kent, Vice-President of Human Resources & Corporate Relations for PK, USA in Shelbyville, IN for taking his valuable time to come in an tell us what his organization is doing to hire persons coming of Indiana's prison systems.  His presentation was on: “The Advantages of Hiring Ex-Offenders”.
The Plainfield Re-Entry Educational Facility (PREF) hosted a Hiring Fair on the 17th of April 2008 in an effort to aid offenders (at PREF they are called Residents) with  employment opportunities.  The PREF Residents attending the job fair were within ninety days of their release back to the community. PREF offers its Residents training in; Horticulture, Business Services, Culinary Arts, Electronics Repair, Outdoor Power Equipment Repair, and Building Trades the opportunity to market themselves to interested employers looking for skilled workers.  Several PREF Residents have degrees and other skills in addition to their vocational training. Obtaining employment prior to, or soon after release, is a crucial part of the re-entry process. A successful re-entry for ExOffenders and PREF Residents is key to lowering  recidivism rates.

At PREF, the goal is to get as many of the incarcerated males in the state who will be released, ready for re-entry. PREF offers the Residents of the facility the opportunity to transition back into the community with as much aid as possible in finding employment, housing, and transportation prior to release. The goal of the Hiring Fair will be to set a precedent for more opportunities of this nature for offenders of the Indiana Department of Correction.  Preparing the men for re-entry is a proactive approach to fighting the climbing incarceration rates.  PREF feels that by making it Residents more employable and providing them with opportunity, the chances of their success are increased.

It was sponsored by:
WorkOne  |  Central Indiana Regional Workforce Board
Indiana Department of Workforce Development  |  Indiana Department of Correction

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