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PREF Volunteers Appreciation Day - 31May08

Plainfield ReEntry Educational Facility

The Plainfield ReEntry Educational Facility (PREF) took the time today to thank some of the many volunteers that are helping to make PREF a success.  Superintendent Michael Lloyd, Community Service Coordinator Judy Helms, and their staff of Residents hosted their first Volunteer Appreciation Day.  The day started with a great breakfast prepared by Dennis Brady, Culinary Arts Instructor, and the Residents that are taking his class.  Great job guys.  We then had the opportunity to hear many of the Residents that took the time to thank the Volunteers for all they have been doing for them since PREF got started.  As a volunteer, it is a great feeling, knowing that you are appreciated for the time you take to help out, and the Residents really let us know how we are appreciated.  It makes it all worth the long drives, knowing you are making a difference in someone life, even considering their circumstances.  Again, Mr. Lloyd and PREF put on a great event.  Thank you.
For those of you that do not know, Judy Helms is retiring at the end of June this year.  I have no idea on how Mr. Lloyd and PREF is going to get along without her, because she has been Mr. Lloyd's "Go To" person for any project needing volunteers.  Judy has always seemed to came thru for him and the PREF Residents and in my opinion is one of the reasons that PREF has been a success.  She has been a blessing to all of us that have had the opportunity to know her and she will be missed.
We need your help!  If you would like to be a volunteer, teacher, tutor, mentor or instructor at PREF, please contact PREF's Community Service Coordinator.
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