Helpers Sign-Up Notes & Instructions

  1. For now, HRH only adds an organizations: name, acronym (if any), address, city, State, Zip, Phone, Fax, Email address (if known), Web Address, at least 1 county, at least 1 category, at least 1 topic – HRH only adds additional information if we are 100% sure it is correct, usually that is the organizations responsibility.
  2. You will be entering information on two pages - the one that got you here, and a second, categories, topics, counties page.
  3. To create a file for your organization, you must add a minimum of the - organization name, city, ST, and the Main phone number on the first page.
  4. To finish creating a file, you must select at least one category, one topic and one county on the second page.
  5. Number of Locations - A new and separate file is required for each location – if there is 4 locations, you must create 4 different files even if all the information is the same except the phone number and address.  The same address can be used for two or more phone numbers.
  6. DO NOT use all capital or upper case letters.
  7. Name of Organization - DO NOT use a period (".") between letters (Example - use HOPE - not H.O.P.E.)
  8. Acronyms - When entering acronyms – DO NOT use periods between the letters (Example – use HRH – not H.R.H.)
  9. Main Phone Number - YOU CAN NOT use the same phone number for more than one location/file.  The phone number must be unique for each file - The same phone number should not be used to create two different files.  If you must use the same phone number for more than one Location/file try to add a phone extension after the phone number (Example: 317-547-0600 #11)
  10. Always use periods after W. or E., etc.
  11. Always use periods after St., Ave., or Rd., etc.
  12. Always use a comma after a corporate name if a corporation and a period after the Inc – (Example – Homeless & ReEntry Helpers, Inc.)
  13. Always use periods when referring to a United States Agency or Departments - use U.S. not US
  14. Login - Usually the Administrators email address.  When you DO NOT have an email address, use your "Main Office Phone"  (Login Example – 317-547-0500 or
  15. Password - Must be from 4 to 12 characters in length (any combination of numbers or letters) - (Password Example, “rhonda3495”)
  16. Contact Name - If you are using a dual last name make sure you leave a space between the two last names - (Example - Marie Jones - Watkins - not Marie Jones-Watkins)
  17. Administrator - The Administrator is the person responsible for adding or changing information on your file. 
  18. Phone numbers - should always be 317-547-0600 – use “-“ DO NOT use parentheses (317)
  19. If there is an 800 number with the main phone number, or a 2nd main phone number – add it 2nd – (Example: 317-547-0500 or 800-345-0000)
  20. If there is an extension after the phone number, always use the "#" sign - (Example: 317-327-3324 #253)
  21. DO NOT use the "1" before a long distance or "800" number (NO - 1-800-344-9494) - Should be (800-344-9494)
  22. DO NOT abbreviate street or city names, type out the full name – DO NOT type “Indy”, type “Indianapolis” - DO NOT type "Penn", type "Pennsylvania"
  23. DO NOT use "Ft." for Fort Wayne or "St." for Saint Patrick – type it out
  24. Web address – always use “www.” – DO NOT use the http://
  25. Always put the word “The” at the end of an organizations name after a comma – Example: Salvation Army, The
  26. If you are not adding all the necessary information when you are creating a file, please enter - "This organization has not completed its registration, please give them a call for additional information" - in the "Primary Services Provided" section.
Information to be used later
  1. Nationwide Organizations should be marked “All” in the “City” box and “USA” in the state box – for now enter “IN” in the State box – when this is hooked up it should be listed in every state and every county
  2. Indiana Organizations (hotlines, etc.) should be marked “All” in the “City” box - for now leave “IN” in the State box

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